Social media and human trafficking

A new video from IOM explains the connection between human trafficking and social media. It’s something that traffickers use primarily for recruitment, but we also use it to fight human trafficking; to create awareness and get in touch with victims and hopefully ensure they are rescued.

Yesterday we were actually able to rescue a young girl who had been trafficked for domestic servitude and she was also physically, psychologically and sexually abused. We found her through facebook and we managed to rescue her together with the local authorities and she is now in a shelter.


    Mar 8, 2016

    Hi have you got in touch with religious organizations to help combat human trafficking? One reason is that many people obey their religious leaders more than other leaders or persons in the public limelight? About the above video what happens to computers which are older before the development of this tracking software? What happens if they have never been connected to the internet? What solutions have you thought of?

    • frygtl0s
      Mar 8, 2016

      Hi Audrey, thank you for your comment. We are in contact with several religious organizations and we are working closely with them. We agree with you sentiment about religious institutions, that’s why we are trying to work with them to fight human trafficking together. Tech solutions will not always be possible to fight human trafficking, the best way to fight it is to get informed about it and try to help others getting informed. You don’t need a computer to talk to your relatives or neighbors.

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