Update from the shelter

The shelter has been progressing well the past few months. We have assisted more than twenty girls with accommodation, therapy, medical aid and legal aid and managed to reintegrate some of the girls back to their families. Reintegration is always a difficult process because we are not always certain that there will be a smooth transition for the girls after spending time in the shelter.

By Matilde Simas 

The girls who are in boarding school are also back for the holidays so at the moment the shelter is almost full to capacity.

We were very proud because one of our girls who resides at the shelter did her final primary exams and emerged as the best student in her school. We all celebrated her and hope that she will continue striving for the best as she goes to high school next year. Her story is quite remarkable because she had to attend school with her child and she still managed to do very well in her academics.

As we approach Christmas, we are quite excited because it is exactly one year since we opened the shelter and although it has not been easy the support of our partners has helped us keep the doors of the shelter open.

We decorated the Christmas trees with the girls and with support from our partners we managed to buy gifts for all the girls and they placed them under the tree. We look forward to enjoying Christmas and hope that this season brings the love, hope and peace associated with it because the girls deserve it.

By Sophie Otiende

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  1. Matilde Simas
    Jan 12, 2018

    This is wonderful news!

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